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The Healing Properties of Water

"Once you really get to know water, it will truly be your loyal friend."

- Sebastian Kneipp -

At the farmhouse, we are very proud of our own fresh water spring. The cool water runs directly into our Kneipp-area for our guests to enjoy the healthy fun of "Kneipp-ing". This popular activity in the Alps is not only a delightfully refreshing activity on hot summer days, it is also beneficial for your health.


The methods of treating patients still include the five pillars of health, which were introduced by Sebastian Kneipp. These pillars include the following: water therapy, movement, healthy diet, herbal remedies, and life order. Kneipp's idea of encouraging harmony in your mind, body, and soul was clearly ahead of its time.


The Kneipp-area at the Nadlihof allows the following treatments:

The cool arm-bath is ideal for all who suffer from cold fingers or low blood circulation in the hands, as well as helping headaches, anxious elevated pulse, and sleeplessness.


Both arms are dipped elbow-deep into the cool water (10 -15°C).
Either one time for 20 seconds, or three consecutive times for 5 seconds.

Treading in the cold water encourages healthy increased blood circulation, strengthens veins, boost healthy metabolism and strengthens. This is treatment used for tired muscles in your feet, varicose veins, migraines, and nervous sleep disorders.


Step into the water barefoot and wade through the water. Lift your leg out of the water while taking a big step.


For novices, we recommend 20 seconds in the cool water. After a few times in the water, up to 1 minute is recommended.

Many variations are included in the small "Kneiperei" methods. One of the most fun, and effective methods if you suffer from cold feet frequently, is the snow-running method.

Instructions and duration:

Take off your shoes and socks and run through the snow for approximately 10 seconds. This encourages blood circulation in the soles of your feet. Afterwards, dry off your feet and slip into some warm wool socks.

With very few exceptions, all healthy individuals can enjoy the fun and healthy benefits of a Kneipp session. Sick and pregnant individuals have to consult a doctor before starting their treatment.

Thousands of Sun-Rays on your Skin

Enjoy the picturesque alpine landscape close to nature at the "4 Flower"-awarded organic farmhouse Nadlihof.

  • comfortable apartments with free wireless internet access
  • produce from our farm such as fresh eggs, teas, herbal salt, and honey
  • friendly farm animals
  • garden with a barbecue area and children's playground
  • our own fresh water spring and "Kneipp" facility
  • creative hours with your host Berta (painting, felt craft)



Urlaub am Bauernhof

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